Writing Prompt: Rhyming Poem

Written by Emily Harstone

Poems don’t have to rhyme anymore. They haven’t in a very long time. Still, every once in a while I encounter someone who believes that poems have to rhyme, that it is one of the requirements to writing a poem.

Most of the time I write in free verse, without any rhymes except the occasional half rhyme. However, I think it is fun to play with rhyme.

My challenge to you today is one of my all time favorite writing prompts, to write a rhyming poem about a historical figure or established fictional character. This means that you could write about anyone: the Great Gatsby, Abraham Lincoln, or Michael Jordan are just a few of your endless options.

It is a fun prompt and often equals great results. I have read wonderful poems about J.R. Tolkien, Tom Sawyer, Winston Churchill and many others because of this prompt.

So, choose your historical figure or fictional character and have fun.