Voluted Tales: Accepting Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Voluted Tales Magazine publishes four monthly e-editions, roughly one each week of the month. All regular editions are edited and published by Mark Turner. These  weekly editions include a Voluted Tales General edition, a Voluted Tales Themed edition, a Voluted Tales Serials edition and a Voluted Tales Classics/Steampunk edition. They publish around 48 issues a year.

Voluted Tales Magazines is looking for stories, flash fiction, and novelletes between 7,500-10,000 words, as well as comics/graphic short stories and artwork which cover the spectrum of science fiction and fantasy genres as well as stempunk. Horror and paranormal romance are considered but not as seriously.

Voluted Tales is published out of Australia. Because they publish such specific work at such a high volume it should not be a surprise that they have a very high acceptance rate.  They accept around 75% of the work submitted to them. They also respond to most work within a month but occasionally it will take them up to six months. They are also able to pay each of their authors $10 US per accepted work.

Voluted Tales is currently reading for its first special edition, entitled “The Darkness Internal” which is hosted by guest editor Christopher Nadeau. Christopher is looking for the following kinds of submissions

“The Darkness Internal”- Looking for stories that are outside the norm. They can be horror, dark fantasy, science fiction or even mainstream lit as long they meet the following criteria: Tales of inner darkness. Think Kafka or Phillip K Dick or any U.S. Congressional hearing. Stories should focus on an internal struggle or occurrence. Not looking for genre staples such as vampires, werewolves, and especially not zombies. More interested in tales of torment and struggle as defined by the classic “Man Versus Himself” approach to writing. Still, if you can find a fresh and exciting way to tell the story following the criteria and using those fabled beings, knock us out!

The special edition is accepting submissions through a special email address. They are also still reading for the regular editions of the magazine as well. For their normal magazine you must register with the site and then submit with their personal submissions manager. I find their personal submission manager a little hard to use, but not too complicated. The one thing you need to know is that you have to sign up for a free subscription before submitting.

To read all their submission guidelines and to learn more about their magazine visit their website here: http://volutedtales.com/page/submission-guidelines




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