Tin House: Now Open to Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

For the past five years Tin House has become the literary journal that every emerging and established writer wants to be published in. It has a wide subscriber base, famous editors, and great distribution. Not to mention Tin House’s reputation as the journal with its hands on the creative pulse.

Tin House is a beautifully bound print journal. It is published four times a year and several of those issues are themed. Tin house publishes both fiction and poetry.

Because of this Tin House accepts less then 1% of the work that is submitted to them, it is an honor for your work to be accepted. Also, a rejection from a journal that receives so many submissions is easy to handle, in my experience. Tin House responds to most submissions within 3 months.

Tin House has also started to publish books, so being accepted for publication in their journal is placing a foot in the door to further publications.

Only submit five poems or one essay or story of up to ten thousand words. Their reading period is from September 4-May 31. They do not read work outside of this period.

Tin House is reading work for the non themes issue, but also for their Spring, 2014 issue, inspired by Nabokov’s famous title SPEAK, MEMORY. What is memory? How does it work? So if you have any work that aligns with that theme, consider submitting.

Tin House uses the submission manager Submittable so it is easy to submit work. They also accept work via post.

In conclusion Tin House is a prestigious journal that also has a press attached that publishes full length manuscripts. It may be difficult to place work at Tin House, but if you succeed it is a victory worth bragging about. You can visit their website here: http://www.tinhouse.com/home






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