Ticonderoga Publications

Written by Emily Harstone

January 2018 – Update: Because they have not published a new book in a while or reopened submissions we currently consider Ticonderoga Publications to be defunct.

Ticonderoga Publications is a small Australian based print publisher that has been around since 1996. They focus on publishing speculative fiction. That means they are open to a wide variety of sub-genres including fantasy, science fiction, horror, steam punk, and paranormal. They also publish a number of anthologies every year.

This year they are already planning to publish three novels, with more slots still available, according to their 2015 releases listing. On top of that they are publishing four anthologies. One was limited to Australian writers, but the rest were open to authors regardless of their nationality or geographic location.

Their website is easy to use and oriented toward selling books rather than recruiting authors, which is always a good sign. Unfortunately, a number of the links on their website were broken at the time this article was written. A number of the pages including the listing of their top ten bestsellers were down.

They offer advances to authors. Although they do not disclose the details of their contracts, they appear to be pretty standard in terms of royalties.  There is not much information about the company elsewhere on the internet. So even though they have been around for a while they appear to be pretty small.

They do not accept reprints or simultaneous submissions.  All submissions must be made through email.

They are interested in manuscripts between 60,000 to 120,000 words in length. They prefer that the spelling be Australian English.  If the work is complete, submit the entire manuscript. If it is not, they prefer 3-6 sample chapters plus a synopsis.
To learn more about the publisher visit their homepage here. To learn more about their novel submission guidelines visit this page.