The Script Co. : Seeking Scripts

Written by Emily Harstone

This review is not of a publisher in the traditional sense of the word, but of a company looking for play scripts. We are often queried by writers searching for a place to handle their script. So we were happy to find a company that focuses on distributing scripts. There is not a lot of information available online about the Script Co. outside of their website, so please proceed with caution. Make sure you review all the terms and feel comfortable with them. We have exchanged a number of emails with Joseph Kibler the managing director and he seems to be upfront about things.

The Script Co. has a large catalog of available plays for theater production, they are not interested in movie and TV scripts and their catalog does not contain any plays with adult content. The catalog is made up of plays from writers around the world. Theaters of various sizes and in various locations pay the Script Co. for the rights to put on the play. The rights they offers these theater companies are temporary, and after the play the scripts are returned to the Script Co.

Their website, while informative, does not give information about the royalties scale. However you can requests the details directly here: Just write them and ask to learn more about the royalties they pay authors. I have seen the details. I can tell you that the writer receives 30% of the lump sum the Script Co. receives from the theater. That means that if the Script Co. receives $165 from a small production of the play, the writer will receive 49.50.  All the costs associated with printing the play, shipping it, and various other costs are covered by the Script Co. Royalties are paid quarterly.

You can submit your script here: or if you are interested in browsing the website and learning more you can visit their main page here: