Prism Books: Open to Manuscript Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Updated February 2018: They are once again open to to submissions outside of conferences

Prism Books is a e-book publishing company with two imprints. They publish a wide variety of books. However Prism is a Christian company, and while they do not only publish Christian books and their authors do not need to be Christians they are not interested in publishing books that promote other religions beside Christianity. They are also not interested in hate literature, or manuscripts that portray rape or violence in a positive light. They describe the two catagories of books they publish as Christian and “clean and wholesome”

Prism offers new authors a standard contract that gives authors 40% royalties. Many authors who have published work with them speak highly of Prism and the way they treat their authors.

Prism is currently looking for works of fiction, young adult novels, romance novels, inspirational novels, and Christian fiction.

Submissions for all publications should be formatted as a .doc or .rtf file. The font should be 12 points New Times Roman. They do not want page numbers or headers and footers.

Each editor has a bio on the site that lists what work they are particularly interested in. You should read that information carefully if you plan on submitting. It is a real advantage as an author to know the specifics of what an editor is looking for. Also you submit directly to the editor of your choice, which is very unusual.

To learn more about Prism Books please visit their submission guidelines here.





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