Pen-L Publishing (Book Publisher Accepting Queries)

Written by Emily Harstone

The website Preditor and Editor has long been considered one of the most reliable and comprehensive sources for information about publishing companies. Their website might be hard to navigate and awkward to look at, but their information is good. This year the company Pen-L Publishing was chosen by their readers as one of the top 5 publishing companies.

Along with one of the top positions in the reader poll Pen-L Publishing also received positive written feedback. You can read all the voters comments here but this is the one that stuck out to our reviewer “Pen-L is my fourth publisher, and they are, by far, the most author friendly of the lot.”

Pen-L publishes a large range of writing including literary fiction, popular fiction, historical fiction, westerns, science fiction, fantasy, books for younger readers and non-fiction. They publish print editions. They are currently open to query submissions in all these categories. What this means is that you should not submit your whole manuscript directly to them, instead you must query first in order for Pen-L to consider your work.

That means they want a query letter, much like an agent would (you can read our article on query letters here). It also means that for fictional books the query letter must include the genre of your book, the word count of your completed manuscript, titles of books that are similar and already on the market, a brief authors bio and the platforms for selling your books that you have already built (Facebook, web site, classes, etc.).

After the query letter in the email please include a complete synopsis of the book that is no longer than three pages and the first three chapters plus the last chapter of your manuscript. All of this must be submitted to Pen-L via email. They will only consider queries submitted through email.  In the subject line of your email you must include the words PLP Query, state the name of your manuscript, and the genre.

Pen-L will confirm receiving your query within seven days and at that time they will tell you approximately how long it will take for them to respond with more details. They do not charge their authors fees, but there are also no details on their site regarding how much they pay in terms of royalties, so make sure you know more before committing to anything.

To learn more please visit their website here.


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