Pelican Publishing Company: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Pelican Publishing Company is a publisher based out of New Orleans. They have been around for the a long time and they published William Faulkner’s first trade paperback book. They have a back list of over 2,500 titles. They publish between 40 and 70 new titles yearly. They focus on publishing art/architecture books, cooking/cookbooks, motivational, popular history (especially Louisiana/regional), children’s books (illustrated and otherwise), and social commentary. They also add that “We will consider almost any well-written work by an author who understands promotion.”

They were purchased by Arcadia Publishing in 2019 but there have been no notable changes since that purchase, at this point.

Their website is outdated and visually overwhelming, but otherwise easy to navigate. I like that they clearly promote regular readings from their authors (on the left hand side of the page). I did think that many of the covers were also lacking visually, and looked dated. I think part of this comes from them being primarily a regional publisher, focused on the south.

I also think that before submitting you should read their glassdoor reviews, which are not the most positive, but do have helpful, concrete information.

Browsing through their catalog does help you get a feel for what they publish, and what they say sells. You can access their catalog here.

I do think that you lived in the southern United States, going with this publisher would be more beneficial to you than if you lived somewhere else. That is where their customer and knowledge base seems to be. Although they are open to submissions regardless of authors’ nationality and current location.

They have very detailed submission guidelines that you should review thoroughly before submitting. They have separate guidelines for children’s picture books, but all other books have the same guidelines.

To learn more, read their submission guidelines here.

Bio: Emily Harstone is the pen name of an author whose work has been published internationally by a number of respected journals. She is a professional submissions adviser. You can follow her on Facebook here:


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