Nelson: Now Accepting Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Cengage Learning was a huge publishing company with a number of divisions and imprints. Although I cannot find out information about what happened, they appear to either have bought out, or be renamed within the last few months. The main branch, Cengage Learning, has been renamed Nelson and is now based out of Toronto, Ont. Nelson focuses on publishing work aimed at community college and university students. They have published textbooks on a vast number of subjects from automotive technology to family law. They publish both academic books and books aimed at specific trades.

They are currently looking for new textbooks, media projects, or fully online learning materials. So you could end up writing in any of those categories. They are very professional and most authors that publish with them have very positive things to say.

In order to be considered by them, you must submit a proposal and outline.

Your prospectus should first focus on the market, then on key competitors, your products vision, a timeline, and a submission that includes a sample chapter. Their guidelines break down the details of each of these categories, so it easy to know exactly what they want to see in order to consider your work.

Keep in mind, that Nelson, like most academic publishers, does not expect the work you are submitting for consideration to be completed (or even really started) at the time of submission. However they do expect you to have understanding, experience, expertness about the topic you proposing to write about. All submissions should be made through the mail to the correct department.

You can visit their main page for a better understanding of their company and their projects. To learn more about submitting your work go here.