12 Manuscript Publishers Who Respond Within Three Months

Written by Emily Harstone

Publishing a manuscript can feel like it takes for ever. But all of the publishers in this list promise to respond within three months. Which might mean you receive more rejections faster. But it might also mean a fast acceptance.

Most publishers that respond this fast only accept queries. Queries are usually comprised of a one page query letter and the first 10 or so pages of your manuscript. If these publishers like what they read in the query, they will then ask to see the rest, and accept or reject based on the whole manuscript. A few of the publishers on this list do ask for full manuscripts from the start.

Sometimes the publisher will explicitly state that they don’t send out rejection letters, but that if you haven’t heard from them after a certain period (sometimes one month, sometimes two), you should assume rejection.  Please keep that in mind when submitting. If you haven’t heard back from a publisher in the time they say they will respond, feel free to send them an email asking about the status of your submission. But most will respond within the time period they state on their website.

Keep in mind that all of these manuscript publishers are not currently open to submissions/queries, but most are.

Henery Press

Henery Press is a small publisher that focuses on publishing mystery and chick lit. Their mysteries are generally on the cozier side. They publish print and electronic editions of their books. A number of their books have sold well on Amazon. Several have made it onto the USA Today bestseller list. Their books have been spotted in brick and mortar bookstores as well as libraries. A number of their books have won awards, particularly within the mystery genre. They respond to all submissions within six weeks.

Forever Yours

Forever is the romance imprint of Grand Central Publishing. Grand Central Publishing is an imprint of the Hachette Book Group, one of the big five publishers. Forever Yours is the digital sister of Forever, they focus on publishing unagented authors, and often publish authors without a publication history. They publish eBooks, but they an option to print on demand any book over 50,000 words in length. They respond to all submissions in eight weeks.


Blaze is a new print and electronic publisher focusing on publishing fiction books for young adults and middle grade readers. They seek to publish books in a wide variety of genres including fantasy, science fiction, and horror, as long as that book has heart. They want readers to finish their books feeling happy and uplifted. They reply to all submissions within eight weeks.

Cohesion Press

Cohesion Press is a small press publishes novels in the sub genres of military horror, military sci-fi, and creature-based thrillers. They have only been around for a few years but they have already published 19 books, although many are part of the same series. They respond to all submissions within two weeks.

Soul Mate Publishing

Soul Mate is a romance eBook publisher. They have only been around for a few years but have published a number of books in that time.  They encourage authors to blur genre lines and to experiment. They respond to every manuscript submitted correctly, personally. They try to respond to all submissions within eight weeks.

Blushing Books

Blushing Books started out as a romance print publisher in the 90’s. It has since shifted entirely into the eBook market. Books are released to all major distributors, including the Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, Apple, All Romance Ebooks, and Smashwords. They respond to all submissions in two weeks.

Persea Books

Persea Books is an independent book publisher based out of New York that was established in the 1970s. Since then they have gained a reputation for publishing thoughtful books in a variety of literary genres. They have an extensive catalog and fairly good distribution. You can often find their books in bookstores, libraries, schools, and universities. They are not interested in popular fiction, children’s books, text books, self-help books, genre work, social science or psychology books. They respond within eight weeks if they are interested.

Boroughs Publishing Group

Boroughs Publishing Group is an e-publisher that focuses on publishing romance novels, novellas, and short stories. Within the romance genre they are interested in publishing a large number of sub genres including contemporary romance, young adult, historical fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy, multicultural, erotic, thrillers, and fantasy novels. They respond within twelve weeks.

Crossroads Publishing

Crossroads Publishing is a large established publisher of Christian and spiritual writing. They should not be confused with other presses with similar names, of which there is at least one. Crossroads has published authors like Mother Teresa, Timothy M. Gallagher, Pope Benedict, and Bernard McGinn. They do not publish fiction. They respond within twelve weeks.

Boyds Mill Press

Boyds Mill Press is owned by Highlights for Children. They are an award winning publisher of children’s books. The best way to get a feeling for what they publish is by reviewing their catalog. If you are considering submitting a picture book review the picture books. If you are considering submitting a book of poetry, review their poetry selection. Their catalog is organized by category. I would also encourage you to check a book or two of theirs out from your local library. Their books have wonderful covers. They respond to all submissions within three month.


HarperLegend is looking to publish a very specific kind of book. They call it visionary fiction. If you have not heard from them in three months, your work has been rejected. They do not send rejection letters.
Ashland Creek Press is a boutique press dedicated to publishing books with a world view. The fiction and non-fiction they publish is about the environment, animal protection, ecology, and wildlife. Books they have published have received critical acclaim from a number of magazines including Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and Kirkus Reviews. They respond to all submissions with three months.


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