Letter From The Editors

Written by Caitlin Jans

Dear Readers,

As some of you know Authors Publish is run by Caitlin Jans. She has been happily running Authors Publish for over five years now. Usually when something comes up her husband, Jacob Jans is able to take over. We are both writers who want to be able to help other writers navigate the strange world of publishing.

However, you are reading this issue because Caitlin is having a baby (our second)! Don’t worry, we wrote this letter months in advance. This is not being posted from the birthing center.

To celebrate this wonderful time, and to give ourselves a bit of breathing room,  we are publishing a “Best of Issue” this week. We will return to our regularly scheduled program next week. However, if replies to emails are a little delayed for the next six weeks or so, we hope you understand.


Caitlin & Jacob Jans