Lakewater Press: Now Seeking Manuscript Submission

Written by Emily Harstone

Lakewater Press is a newer eBook and print on demand (POD) publisher. They were founded in early 2015. They publish a wide variety of fiction. They appear to be open to all genres of fiction including young adult, new adult (18-30), and romance.

It is important to keep in mind that at this point they have only published 4 books, although they have a number planned for release later this year.

They have a small easy to navigate website. I personally do not like their covers. Most of them seem to be illustrated by the same person.

Lakewater Press has a small editorial team, whose previous experience is mostly from the writing side of the table. One of their editors appears to also be published by the press. The rest do not seem to be.

In the about us section of the website they break down which editors are open to submissions and which ones are not. They also go into editor’s personal preferences, which can be very helpful.

Put your name and which editor you believe to be the best fit in your subject line. Submit a cover letter and the first chapter in the body of an email to

Read their full submission guidelines here.