Joffe Books: Accepting Novel Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Updated September 2018 – An author reported to me that their imprint Not So Noble has refused to pay them. I don’t know any details beyond this and have not heard any reports from other authors, but this should serve as a warning. Please email me at if you have had an issue with them.

Joffe Books is an independent publisher based out of London. They were founded in 2013. The originally focused on publishing new e-books and making classic books and short stories available electronically.

They started out publishing almost any genre, although over the last year they really focused in on crime and mystery fiction. In fact they bill themselves as “one of the UK’s leading independent publishers of best-selling crime and mystery fiction.”

They prefer manuscript submissions in the following genres: Mysteries, Crime Fiction, Psychological Thrillers, Detective, Thrillers, and Suspense. They do imply that they are open to some fiction outside of that focused area.

This is actually a good sign. Usually when a press goes from publishing a broad range of work to something more focused and specific it is because they figured that genre out and are better at selling that genre of book than others.

Another good sign is that many of their books now have print versions available as well.

Originally they were run entirely by the founder, Jasper Joffe, but in the last year or two they seem to have expanded significantly to include other editors.

It is also good that in their submission sections they talk explicitly about promotion, royalties (although they don’t say exactly what the rate is), and other information that is relevant to a potential author. Also, the website seems to be focused on selling books and not just recruiting authors.

It is very easy to submit to Joffe Books. All you have to do is submit your full-length book as a PDF or a Word document, a synopsis that is no more than three paragraphs long, and 100 words about yourself. You submit all of these things via email.

To learn more, visit their website.