How to Network with Other Authors

Written by A Guest Author

Kia Carrington-Russell

It can be daunting to meet and network with fellow writers and authors. Especially, when you are new to the community. With these few tips, you will realize it’s not as scary as it initially seems, and you’ll be in a supportive group and network in no time.

The easiest and most immediate avenue is one that we already so heavily depend on; and that’s social media and forums. They’re not just for promotion or finding hot spots for your readers. It’s an ever-expanding place and network for fellow authors ranging in various stages of their careers. Here’s a few suggestions for places to start.

Facebook is the easiest and, in my opinion, the greatest place to start. The majority of authors have a Facebook account, which makes it easy to network internationally. There are ‘groups’ that range over numerous genres, niches, services, or general discussion.

To kick-start and assist your search I would recommend the group: Authors and Writers Helping Each Other Grow (

It covers numerous topics and is a very supportive and thriving network. Fellow authors post questions relating to their character building and book writing daily. Best of all, the group is shy of 21k writers internationally!

Why not drop a post and say Hi? Follow other post’s and contribute to the conversations that are already happening. If you are unsure of what groups to add or how to find them, you can search specifically; for example, ‘Fantasy Sci Fi Author Support’ and see what different groups comes up.

If you’re a little bit shy to meet in person, these groups are a great way to start conversation. You can contribute to pre-existing posts or even start your own. You will find that you will begin to have ‘clicks’ with some authors. Send them a Friend Request and start a conversation in private message.

If you are unsure of what groups to add or how to find them, you can search specifically; for example, ‘Fantasy Sci Fi Author Support’ and see what different groups come up.

I would also highly recommend Goodreads. Although renowned for its reviews and book searching, it’s a phenomenal place to connect with both readers and fellow authors. To find groups that suit your specific genre or just a general interest; do the following after having created your account or logging in. Select the drop-down box at the top that says ‘Community’, select ‘Groups’, and on the right hand side you will see ‘Browse by Tag’ which will offer numerous genres and captions. I personally usually go for YA or Paranormal because those genres are relevant to what I write, and I like networking with authors within my specific niche.

Twitter is a hotspot for authors, editors, agents and writing kindred alike. I would suggest making habit to follow some of your favorite authors and popular hashtags such as: #WritingCommunity #amwriting #IndieThursday #FollowFriday #AskAgent #AskAuthor #IndieAuthor #WriteGoal

Now let’s get to the harder stuff. How do I network with an author or group in person? My first recommendation would be to find fellow authors locally. I absolutely love using an app called ‘MeetUp’ and recommend that you download it today. This is specific to all kinds of groups and adventures. Whether you are after sports, writing, knitting, whisky tasting etc. The list goes on. You suggest your interests and ‘search’ your city. It will find nearby groups and events. For this example, we would choose ‘writing’ and ‘reading.’ There are often writer groups and book clubs that meet weekly or fortnightly. You might meet for coffee, chat and write for a few hours together. How awesome is that!

You can also drop into your local library and find out what upcoming groups and events are happening.

If you’re after what I consider to be the ‘ultimate author networking’, you can go no better than book signings, seminars and conventions. I absolutely love these events because authors really support one another and often come up to each others’ table to introduce themselves. It’s a great opportunity to have a light-hearted chat and break down those intimidating boundaries. I always make it a habit to talk to my neighboring authors and try to introduce myself to other authors at their table when I have a quick break.

Look at their books with interest — after all you’re a reader as well! Strike up a genuine conversation with them and ask how their day has been so far. If you’re a participating author, they will more then likely notice your ‘participating author’ badge and you can both strike up a conversation about mutual writing topics. I will often take one of their business cards and make sure to connect with them on social media that afternoon. I have made so many life long friends from one-off meetings at international signings and we’ve continued to motivate one another through social media.

Just remember not to be shy and that the author world is massive in support and networking. Put yourself out there and I have no doubt that you will find individuals and groups that are perfect for you!

Kia Carrington-Russell is an Australian award-winning author with fourteen published books. She is most recognized for her recent dark fantasy release, The Shadow Minds Journal; paranormal vampire series, Token Huntress and contemporary romance series, My Escort.  She was announced the ‘Best New Author of 2015’ by AusRomToday and featured in U.K. Glamour Magazine. Learn more here.


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