Great Old Ones

Written by Emily Harstone

UPDATE May 2017: Just based on the lack of updated on their site, I suspect they are now defunct, but have not been able to find additional information.

Great Old Ones is a newer e-book and print on demand publisher that focuses on publishing horror, but also publishes science fiction, steam punk, and fantasy.

I found their covers and website a little garish and overwhelming, but very much in tune with what I have seen in the horror genre in general. The website is easy to navigate and focuses on selling books rather than recruiting authors, which is a good sign. Also the books themselves generally received good reviews, which is nice to see.

I did find a number of minor errors in their submission guidelines. There were areas where random letters seemed to be holding place for future text. I don’t know how long that has been there, but it is not a good sign.

They have had at least one book that has sold well on the Kindle, but not any runaway bestsellers. They publish books from individual authors as well as anthologies. Although there are not any current calls for submissions for anthologies.

There are a number of editors involved in the project and you can learn more about all of them at their about page.

Their submission guidelines are specific in terms of formatting but not in terms of what they want. There is no mention of a query letter, although it is always good to include one. There is also phrasing that leads one to assume that they want the complete manuscript, not a few sample chapters.

All submissions should be made via email. Simultaneous submissions appear to be permitted.

To learn more about Great Old Ones, visit their website here.