Fiery Seas: Now Accepting Book Manuscripts

Written by Emily Harstone

Updated November 23rd, 2018 – They are not paying authors. Learn more here. Authors who have had a good experience in the past are now pulling out.  Do not recommend.

Fiery Seas is an eBook and print publisher founded in 2014. They are relatively new and so far have not established that much of a track record. Their website is polished and reader focused. It is generally easy to buy both eBooks and print books using the site. The general quality of their covers is good.

They publish a wide variety of genres including, romance, fantasy, historical, mystery, science fiction, and young adult. All of the books they publish appear to be very plot driven with a strong hook.

They publish both novellas and novels. Novellas must be around 35,000-60,000 words in length. Novels must be 60,000 words and up. No word limit for novels is listed. A number of the books they have published are parts of a series.

Fiery Seas only accepts email submissions. All submissions must Include a query letter that contains author contact information, title of the book, word count, genre, and blurb in the body of the email. Also include brief author bio, social media links, and website/blog. All books should also be accompanied by a two page synopsis.

They try to have an 8 week turn around time on all submissions.

ALL submissions must follow Fiery Seas submission guidelines otherwise they will be deleted unread. The subject heading is particularly important but otherwise the guidelines are not hard to follow. To read their complete submission guidelines go here.