Fat Fox Books: Accepting Children’s Book Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

UPDATED February 2018 : Having not published or updated their website in over a year they appear to be defunct.

Fat Fox Books is a new children’s book publisher. They just opened their doors last year. Because they are a brand new publisher, authors are taking on a few risks when signing with them, because they have no proven record, however they are taking on the same risk if you are a previously unpublished author. The early news that I have heard about them is good. The books they publish are aesthetically pleasing and fun reads. Their website is well designed and easy to use.

Fat Fox publish picture books as well as Young Fiction (6-9 approx), Fiction (9-12) and Young Adult Fiction (12-14). They are currently open to submissions in all these categories.  They are also looking for illustrators.

They accept all submissions through email. They do not respond to all submissions, but they state very clearly on their site that if you have not heard from them after three months, they are not interested in your work at this time.

If you are submitting a picture book (they are only interested in ones without illustrations) submit the entire manuscript plus the cover letter, which should include a summary of the book, a bio, and some information about who the book is aimed at.

For a fiction book please submit a cover letter and the first three chapters of your book. As well as a rough estimate of the final word count. Manuscripts must be double-spaced in black font on white background.

To learn more please visit their submission guidelines here.