FaithWalk: Accepting Manuscript Proposals

Written by Emily Harstone

UPDATED FEBRUARY 2017: They are defunct.

Faithwalk is an independent publisher of Christian books. They try to publish a wide variety of books that will help people wherever they are in their spiritual journey. Faithwalk was founded in 2002 and now they have fairly wide distribution online, in traditional bookstores, and in Christian bookstores.

Although they do not openly state how many books they publish a year, from browsing their selection I would hypothesize that it is between three and ten books. Currently the bulk of what they have in print is non-fiction, with only two fiction titles being sold on their website.

A lot of the non-fiction they publish could easily be categorized as memoir, as it is about someone’s personal journey. Even though only one title is listed under the Inspirational Memoir category on their website, their are a number of other books that would fit that are filed under different categories (Such as Relationships, Parenting, and Adoption). They also have published a number of bible based theology books.

FaithWalk accepts manuscript proposals only through the mail. They only respond to proposals that they are interested in. If they take longer then a year to respond (or even six months) it is safe to assume that they are not interested. Because of this you should not include a self addressed and stamped envelope.

When you submit via the mail make sure to include a short query letter, your author bio, a one to two page summary of your work and up to two sample chapters as well as basic marketing information. The marketing information should focus on how your work fits within their larger catalog, who would be interested in your work, and how would you reach your intended audience.

To learn more about FaithWalk you can visit their submission guidelines here.To get a better idea of what they publish visit their main page and browse their catalog here.