Eleven Literary Journals that Read Submissions Blind

Written by Emily Harstone

A blind submission is one that is submitted to the literary journal in a way that the readers and editors can read all the submissions without knowing the name or anything else about the author who submitted to the journal. The idea is that it takes any bias someone might have against or for a particular ethnic heritage, or any other number of things. It hopefully means that your creative work is based on its own merits.

Blind submissions are particularly helpful for new authors who don’t have previous publications. I had been writing for over a decade by the time I started submitting. But my bio was so thin and unsubstantial I struggled to find anywhere to place my poems, until I started submitting to journals that read blind. The first two publishers who accepted my work read blind.

If a journal does not read blind the advantage can sometimes go to authors who have published a lot more work, even if the work they submit to that literary journal is not very good. The literary journal I was editor for read blind, and I ended up rejecting a very famous author.

Not all of these journals are currently open to submissions but most are.

Escape Pod

Escape Pod publishes all of its stories in audio and text formats. They are a science fiction market, but as they say in their submission guidelines “our mandate is fun.” They allow some flexibility to exist within the genre and they have published the occasional steampunk or superhero tale. But they are not interested in fantasy, magic realism, or stories that contain more than a tinge of horror.


An online literary journal that publishes poetry and prose. You can get a good feeling for what they publish by reading their latest issue here.


Produced by the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, The Perch is a non-academic literary journal dedicated to publishing poetry, prose, visual art, and music related to mental health. They see The Perch as a place from which readers can gain perspective, and then fly off to new altitudes. They are interested in work that explores mental health in all of its dimensions—physical, emotional, and spiritual—from both personal and societal vantage points.

Burningword Literary Journal

Burningword Literary Journal accepts poetry, flash fiction, and flash nonfiction submissions for publication. They have electronic and print versions. They refer to their reading process as double-blind.


They have only one agenda – to be a vehicle for new and exciting writing. They publish a particularly international group of writers.


Fractal is an online literary magazine founded in 2012, edited by students at the University of Southern California. They publish poetry, fiction, and non-fiction with the aim of disturbing the status quo. They like writing that keeps people awake at night, and writing that romances readers with a love for language. Though unquestionably edgy, Fractal publishes writing in various forms and aesthetics. The best way to get a sense of what they publish is by reading past issues online.

The Matador Review

“Our purpose: to promote “alternative work” from both art and literature, and to encourage the new-wave of respect for online publications. In a world of print, we celebrate the digital decision.” This new literary journal seems to be doing a great job  publishing challenging and exciting work.  You can read their first issue here. They publish fiction, non fiction, flash fiction, visual art, and poetry.

Chantwood Magazine

Chantwood is an online magazine dedicated to publishing great short stories. They believe that great fiction starts with great characters, so they are looking for unforgettable heroes and anti-heroes in never-before-seen settings. They publish a wide variety of fiction: sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction, romance, literary fiction, historical fiction and more. And, while the magazine focuses on short stories, they also publish poetry.

Into The Void

Into The Void is a UK based literary journal that publishes experimental literary work of poetry and prose. They publish print and online issues every couple of months.


Toyon is a multilingual journal of literature and art that is edited and produced by Humboldt State University. They publish work in English and Spanish. They also accept reprints.


Radar is an online poetry journal that pairs art with the poetry they publish. The editors talk about how they read all submissions blind in their interview with the Poetry Society of America here.



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