Cedar Fort: Now Seeking Book Manuscripts

Written by Emily Harstone

LAST UPDATED JUNE 2018: I would not advise submitting to them at this time. They have started to really focus on promoting their vanity publishing arm. They appear to have sent the following email to everyone who submitted in the last few years and was rejected by them:


Are you still interested in publishing a book and getting your story to the world?
At one point over the last couple years, you submitted your manuscript to us here at Cedar Fort Publishing.  The Acquisitions Team has passed on that manuscript, as you know, but if you are still wanting to get it published, we are offering you a great way to do that.
Do you have a current manuscript or two that you are looking to get printed and turned in to an eBook?  We can help you do that– in 60 business days or less– easily and affordably.
Here’s a flyer with some info on what you’ll get when you self-publish through our new imprint, Bridgewood Publishing!
Please review the flyer and email with any questions.  I’d love to talk with you more about our new and improved self-publishing service and get your book out there!
Liz Knight
Original Review:

Cedar Fort is a print and electronic publisher based out of Salt Lake City. They are the second largest publisher in Utah. They publish over 150 books a year. Their books cover a wide range of topics, from cookbooks to juvenile fiction.

They are a Mormon publishing company, although publish books by non-Mormons, and books that have no Mormon subject matter at all.  However they are not interested in publishing books that contain profanity, violence, graphic, and/or sexual content and they reserve the right to remove it from your book, if it is accepted for publication.

Ceder Fort has weathered a major controversy in the past, which you can learn more about here. But in the past few years I have heard mostly good things about them. They are often active with PitMad.

They are currently open to submissions in most genres, but they are not interested in memoirs (including missionary memoirs), travelogues, and biographies, non-LDS/Christian children’s picture books, poetry, defenses of Mormonism, short stories, poetry, and erotica.

Their website is more geared towards recruiting writers than selling books, which is not a good sign. I also got that impression when I visited their table at a writer’s conference. However, the fact in and of itself that they visit major writer’s conferences is a good sign.

They are open to publishing reprints and they offer advances. The typical advances they offer are around $2,000. Their editors are reputable and appear to do a very good job based on the books of theirs I have read. The covers are well designed and appealing.

It is easy to submit to them via Submittable.

You can learn more about Cedar Fort here.