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January 20, 2020

55 Children’s Book Publishers Seeking Submissions

All of the publishers on this list publish children’s books. Some just publish picture books, some publish only middle-grade fiction, and some publish a wide variety of genres aimed at adults as well. Some are looking for educational work, others are open to anything. A number of these publishers are large and established. Others are…

January 13, 2020

How to Get Your Writing Published in 2020

I was a writer for over a decade before I realized the important role submissions play in being a writer. I don’t know why I expected an editor to arrive at my door with a request for my work. In fact, if an editor or publisher you don’t know approaches you in order to publish…

January 6, 2020

12 Publishers That Accept Memoir Submissions (No Agent Required)

Memoir publishers that don’t require an agent to submit are few and far between. However, there are still options out there.  Some are old and respected, others are new and still figuring things out. Not all the publishers on this list are currently open to submissions, but most are. City Lights Books City Lights Books…

December 29, 2019

22 Themed Submission Calls for January 2020

There are 22 themes for the 16 markets listed here. Some of the themes are: super powers, the science of reading, stories about Christmas, the magic of dogs, cat ladies of the apocalypse, the dark side of science, stars, neurodivergence, true crime, romantic ghost stories, and multispecies cities. Most of these markets pay writers, be…

December 23, 2019

How To Find the Right Agent

Researching agents can be a time-consuming process, but I would never submit to an agent without first doing significant research. To me, research is the most important step of the submission process. It is vital, because there is no point going through all the work of writing your manuscript and submitting, just to end up…

December 16, 2019

9 Exciting New Literary Journals

In the last 6 months the following journals opened their metaphorical doors for the first time. A number of magazines on this particular list have specific focuses and areas of interest. It is great to submit to new journals as the editors tend to have more energy and enthusiasm. They also tend to be more…

December 9, 2019

The 10 Major Publishing Trends of 2019

I am starting off this article with a disclaimer. This article is not going to tell you what publishing trends are up and coming. I don’t know whether books about fairy pirates are going to be the new children’s book trend or not. That isn’t my area of expertise, and it is not where my…

December 2, 2019

25 Themed Calls for Submissions – December 2019

There are 25 themes for the 16 outlets that pay for submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Some themes are: community, power, virtual realities, politically incorrect science fiction, feminist fairy tales, faith & politics, always reforming, future crime stories, archives, and fiends in the furrows – folk horror. All of these pay writers, from token…

November 25, 2019

17 Specialized Manuscript Publishers that Accept Direct Submissions

All of the presses on this list meet all of our guiding principles, but most of them have such a specific focus that we cannot justify writing a full review and sending it to our full list of subscribers. But they are still good publishers. Instead, we have compiled this list of mini reviews. I have…

November 18, 2019

25 Magazines Seeking Book Reviews

These magazines/websites accept book reviews on a variety of topics and genres. Apart from reviews, most of them also accept work in other genres, like fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Many pay writers, from token to pro rates. None charge a submission fee, or they have fee-free options. Here they are, in no particular order. The…

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