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March 19, 2020

The Importance of Trope Awareness

Over the last decade, the word trope has come to be used to describe commonly recurring motifs, clichés, and rhetorical devices in a wide range of creative works. Once you become aware of tropes, and how they’re used (and misused), they can become a useful tool in your writer’s toolkit. Tropes: in characters and stories…

March 5, 2020

5 Paying Literary Markets to Submit to in March 2020

These markets are open in March and they pay for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; one of these magazines also accepts screenplays, graphic art, and graphic fiction. There are both literary and genre markets here. Deep Magic They want clean fantasy and sci-fi stories. They won’t publish fiction with graphic violence, mature sexual themes, or profanity….

How to Get Review Quotes for Your Book

 By Ben Graff When I had finished writing my first book, a more experienced author told me the hard work started now. She highlighted that all writers face a crowded marketplace. That no matter how beautiful the language or however moving the story, very few novels sell themselves. We all want our work to connect…

February 27, 2020

How to Work with an Artist to Design Your Book’s Cover

By Ben Graff As writers, we strive to make every word we place on the page work perfectly. However, readers frequently make judgments and buying choices without reading any of what we have written. Our cover designs are often the gateway to our work, and it is all too easy to undermine a great book…

February 20, 2020

Uproar Books: Accepting Submissions

Uproar Books was founded in 2018 by Rick Lewis, who has a background in marketing, not publishing. Uproar books published its first book in early 2019. They only publish epic fantasy and science fiction for adults and young adults, and they are only interested in publishing series of books (although only the first one needs…

Nine Ways to Promote Your Writing for Free

Often I am asked “How do you promote your writing without paying anyone?” In my experience, the best ways to promote one’s writing are free. I am very skeptical about most of the for-pay options. While there are many ways to promote your own writing, the best ways all involve hard work, and persistence. Here…

February 13, 2020

The Importance of Knowing What You Want from a Publisher

Authors seeking to get their first manuscript published all have different goals. For some authors, any press will do, even if they have to pay for publication to happen (although I highly encourage you to self-publish through Amazon or another print-on-demand company, if that is the case). Other authors are interested in presses that have…

February 6, 2020

5 Paying Literary Markets to Submit to in February 2020

These magazines pay for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and they are all open for submissions. They are a mix of literary and genre markets. Ninth Letter This literary magazine is open for fiction, nonfiction and poetry submissions. They also accept translated works. They want work that experiments with form, narrative, and non-traditional subject matter, as…

February 4, 2020

How to Know When Your Work is Ready to Submit

By Adele Annesi Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, short pieces or books, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is submitting your work too soon. This holds true no matter how long you’ve been writing or what project you’re working on. Wherever you are in your writing career, there are guidelines to follow…

January 23, 2020

12 Sure Signs You Should Give This Writing Thing a Try

By Jessica Delfino Are you floating the idea of quitting your full-time “other” job with insurance and benefits to write that master work that has been preoccupying a hefty chunk of your waking (and even sleeping) thoughts? Not so fast! Before you storm into your boss’s office and slam down a cake decorated with “I…

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