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June 13, 2019

How to Write a Third Person Biographical Statement

When you read submission guidelines, which vary from literary journal to literary journal, almost all of them will require that you include a brief biographical statement (or bio). Usually they require that the bio is in the third person and to be 50 words or less. These bios are tricky to write. It is hard…

June 6, 2019

An Argument for Writing Poetry

One of the funny things about writing poetry is that most writers either think of themselves as a poet or as a writer. This is not in fact the case, poetry is after all just a form of writing. However a lot of writers, even writers with lots of experience and published books out, are…

May 29, 2019

The Benefits of Embracing Multiple Forms of Writing

I’ve loved writing since I was a child, but I suppose I didn’t consider myself a ‘real’ writer until I finally published my first novel in 2013. If you’d asked me back then, what else I wrote, I would have said nothing. In my mind, I was a novel writer and nothing more. In fact,…

May 23, 2019

9 Free Writing Contests

Natalia Bulat The following 9 fee free writing contests are divided into two categories, fiction and non-fiction. All contests offer cash prizes. Fiction 1. Drue Heinz Literature Prize. They consider unpublished manuscripts of short stories, two or more novellas (length of a novella is up to 130 pages) or a combination of a novella (novellas)…

May 16, 2019

How to Network with Other Authors

Kia Carrington-Russell It can be daunting to meet and network with fellow writers and authors. Especially, when you are new to the community. With these few tips, you will realize it’s not as scary as it initially seems, and you’ll be in a supportive group and network in no time. The easiest and most immediate…

May 9, 2019

How to use LinkedIn to Build Your Profile as a Creative Writer

— Ben Graff Writing is identity. Whether we write novels, short stories, poetry or something else entirely, every piece of work is precious. Yet it is all too easy to become so absorbed by our work that we miss opportunities to tell the most important story of all. Namely, that of who we are as…

May 2, 2019

5 Paying Literary Markets to Submit to in May 2019

These literary markets are open during May 2019. They are a mix of literary and genre markets, and all of these pay writers. One Story They accept literary fiction stories, on any style or subject, that leave readers feeling satisfied and are strong enough to stand alone. They will also consider certain reprints (stories that…

April 30, 2019

Zoetrope: An Excellent Source of Feedback for Your Writing

by Silver Damsen One of the axioms of being a writer is that one has to write. I agree; writing is the most important aspect of being a writer. If one doesn’t write, one isn’t a writer. The second most important is to publish. Unfortunately, the distance between writing and publishing can seem daunting. The…

April 29, 2019

How to get the most out of Facebook Groups

By Kia Carrington-Russell I remember starting out as a young author, utterly naïve to the hard work ahead of me and the different ways to connect with readers on a personal level. In my opinion, having a supportive group was a massive influential part of my development as an author. When creating a group, you…

April 25, 2019

How To Encourage Young Writers

When I was a child my fondness for writing was often met with smiles and praise, but rarely with helpful or genuine encouragement. In fact, when I announced that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, most people tried to talk me out of it. There’s no money in it, they would…

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