Issue Two Hundred Fifty Three

Nelson: Now Accepting Submissions

Cengage Learning was a huge publishing company with a number of divisions and imprints. Although I cannot find out information about what happened, they appear to either have bought out, or be renamed within the last few months. The main branch, Cengage Learning, has been renamed Nelson and is now based out of Toronto, Ont….

The Pangolin Review: Now Seeking Submissions

The Pangolin Review is a new online poetry journal based in Mauritius and edited by Amit Parmessur, a poet who (of course) loves poetry. Their first issue was released this year on January 8th, and they plan to release a new issue every other month on the 8th, totaling six issues a year. The most…

11 Audiobook & Braille Publishers of Books

By Alex J. Coyne Having your work published (or republished) as Audiobooks or Braille texts can expose you to an entirely new readership as a writer. And the good news is there are a couple imprints who specialize if you know where to look. Here are some places to submit your work. Audiobook Publishers Audio…