Issue Two Hundred Eighty Eight

Black Spot Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Black Spot Books just celebrated its one-year anniversary. They are a new speculative fiction publisher that considers work in a variety of genres including fantasy, dark humor, thrillers, and paranormal. They don’t often publish pure science-fiction or young adult titles, but they are open to reading them. They are a print and electronic publisher with decent…

Belle Ombre: Now Accepting Submissions

Belle Ombre is a UK-based literary journal that publishes a wide variety of writing. They publish fiction, poetry, and memoir, all rather standard, as well as portraits of established artists/authors, scientific and academic writing, travel writing, and journalism. Belle Ombre was founded in 2017, so they are still relatively new. They are an online literary…

Using Scrivener to Play the Submissions Game

By John Burnham As an aspiring writer, I make regular submissions to literary journals. It’s an enjoyable activity, full of challenges and satisfaction. But, it creates an admin task that’s not so much fun. I have to keep track of what pieces I’ve submitted, what journal the submission went to, and what the response was….