Issue Three Hundred Seven

Text Publishing: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

UPDATED MAY 5Th 2020 – Because of the COVID-19 crisis they are now accepting submissions via email, and are no longer accepting mailed submissions. This might change after the crisis abates, so I’m not updated the review as a whole. Text Publishing in an Australian press that has published a wide variety of best sellers….

Clementine Unbound: Always Seeking Poetry and Prose

An online poetry journal established in 2015, Clementine Unbound is seeking, “fresh and tangy poems.” The attractive, minimalist journal is published weekly by retired writer and editor G.F. Boyer. She likes skillfully honed, musical poems that demonstrate keen awareness of language. She publishes all styles—formal, free verse, experimental, and prose poetry. She also accepts essays…

Amazon and Authors: A Symbiotic or Parasitic Relationship?

By Antaeus When it comes to books, Amazon is king. It is the place where authors go to publish their books, and where readers go to browse and buy. Without Amazon, authors would be hard-pressed to publish their work. Without authors, Amazon would not be what it is today. I’ve been self-publishing on Amazon for…