Issue Three Hundred Five

Dr Cicero Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Dr Cicero Books is a small press that publishes literary fiction and poetry. They are distributed by Small Press Distribution. Some of the books have great covers, others not so much. The website is visually appealing but it is a little hard to navigate, because it doesn’t have an easy way to switch between pages….

The Forge: Now Seeking Submissions of Fiction and Nonfiction

The Forge is a weekly online journal founded by the international writers’ forum, The Fiction Forge. They are seeking fiction and nonfiction from both emerging and established authors. They publish one story each week chosen by members of The Fiction Forge writers’ forum, which boasts numerous award-winning authors. All submissions are read blind by volunteer…

Non-Monetary Ways to Track Success

By Nicky Bond Everyone will tell you that J.K. Rowling stacked up the rejections, or that E.L. James wasn’t traditionally published at first. Megabucks could happen for you too, is their implication. Yet no amount of Cinderella stories can avoid the harsh truth. You won’t be rolling in cash after self-publishing one book. Financial success…