Issue One Hundred Sixteen

Don’t Fear The Reaper (or How to Kill your Darlings)

For some people, there are few things as scary as a minimum word count requirement; for others, they dread length guidelines. I, myself, fall into the latter category. My current novel clocked in at 110,000 words. I was relieved when an acquisitions editor asked me to flesh that out. Unfortunately, she didn’t mention until a…

Up The Staircase: Now Accepting Poetry Submissions

Up the Staircase is an online journal open to submissions of poetry, reviews, and interviews, for their 31st issue until the 15th of October. A lot of journals are closed to submissions during the summer, and so it is always nice to find one that accepts submissions during the slow summer months. They publish four…

Triangle Square: Now Accepting Children’s Book Submissions

Triangle Square is an imprint of Seven Stories Press that focuses on publishing young adult novels and children’s books. Seven Stories Press is an independent publisher that is well respected and has been around for twenty years. Their books are distributed by Random House. You can read our full review of Seven Stories Press, here….