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December 23, 2015

Our Eleven Most Popular Articles of 2015

Of the many articles we published on writing and publishing this year, the following eleven were our most popular in the magazine and on Facebook. They also had the most positive feedback in terms of emails and comments. It is interesting to see the range of ideas these articles cover within the realm of writing….

November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This week we are having a ‘Best of’ issue of Authors Publish. We are also publishing it on Wednesday (as you may have noticed), so that it does not encroach on your holiday. We are taking time off this week to visit our family, and to take a much needed break. It is…

October 15, 2015

Peachtree Publishing Company Inc.: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Updated November 14th, 2018 Peachtree Publishers is a well respected publisher with good distribution. They are based out of Atlanta Georgia and they specialize in publishing children’s books, young adult books, self help titles for parents and educators and guides to the American south. They also  publish books on gardening and cookbooks, but usually only…

What Not To Do: Author Advice from the Trenches

It’s human to make mistakes; we even tend to learn from them from time to time. The problem with making mistakes as a new author is that they often come back to bite you – hard. My first mistake: impatience. I had the glorious dream that my book, my quartet in fact, was ready for…

July 14, 2015

Stupid Things Authors Believe, Part 1

It’s been said that if what you write isn’t new, delete it. In an attempt to promote fresh, original ideas, these pundits of the pen want us to say something no one else has ever said before or jettison it to the trash heap. My response? Bull crap. As an ancient and wise author once…

July 9, 2015

After The Pause: A Publisher of Poetry, Flash Fiction, and Visual Art

After the Pause is an electronic literary journal that publishes one issue per season. They are always open to submissions. They publish each issue on the electronic magazine site Issuu. They publish poetry, flash fiction, and visual art. They plan to publish their first yearly print anthology in January 2016. If they receive a submission…

June 23, 2015

Letter From The Editors

Dear Readers, As some of you know Authors Publish is run by a husband and wife team, Jacob and Caitlin Jans. We have been happily running Authors Publish for over two years. We are both writers who want to be able to help other writers navigate the strange world of publishing. Most of the time…

April 20, 2015

14 Myths About Writers

What does it mean to be a writer? People have strong opinions. Many of them are true, many are wrong. There are so many false assumptions, Clichés, and myths out there surrounding writers. Some of these myths contain some level of truth, others are nothing but rumors and a singular memorable example. Here are 14…

March 11, 2015

6 Cover Letter Mistakes That Can Ruin The Chance of Publication

As the editor of a literary magazine and chapbook press, I read a lot of query letters – and I mean a lot. Last year the total number of submissions received was over two thousand, not including chapbook proposals or microfiction submissions. After reading through that many cover letters year after year, I’ve started to…

February 18, 2015

Bloomsbury Spark: Now Accepting Book Manuscripts

UPDATE: June 23rd 2016. A reader reported Bloomsbury Spark’s contact email was not working. Eventually she was able to contact someone at Bloomsbury Spark who said that they are no longer open to unsolicited submissions. The website has not been updated at this point and all the unsolicited submission guidelines are still up. However they…

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