Casperian Books

Written by Emily Harstone

Casperian Books is a small independent publisher of fiction. They are a fairly small company but they seem to be doing something right because they have been around for eight years. They have an easy to navigate website and they publish books primarily in print.

Whenever you choose to go with a small publisher like Casperian Books, you are not going to have the same kind of name recognition a bigger company will offer. However having one’s first book of fiction published by a smaller publisher can be a good step in the right direction. I know of several successful authors who have taken this route. In one case an author friend had a well reviewed first novel published by a small publisher and her second novel was picked up by Random House.

Casperian Books never tries to hide the fact that they are a small book publisher, and they seem to be upfront about what they want from their authors.  They have a very detailed questions and answers page as well as a fairly thorough about page.

Casperian Books only accepts manuscript queries regarding completed manuscripts. They do not accept simultaneous submissions or submissions of unsolicited manuscripts. You must first query, and if they approve your query, you can submit your manuscript. What this means is they expect you to email a cover letter and the first 5,000 words of your manuscript. They don’t open attachments, so all this must be pasted into the body of an email.

The cover letter should include a clear 2-3 paragraph summary of your story, your ideas for marketing the book as well as the target audience of the book, your publishing history (this is where publication in literary journals can really help you), and your contact information.

Even if they are not interested in your manuscript they will respond to this email, they will request more information about your book or tell you that this is not the type of book that they publish. They may also include additional hints for what makes a compelling cover letter. Some are general common sense hints, others are much more publisher specific.

They pay two thirds of net receipts as author royalties. This is high, although it would be higher if they were not a print publisher, because they still have to pay for publishing costs and distribution.

Casperian books is a small press worth looking into. I like how upfront they are with all their information, they do not pretend to be bigger than they are. If you write fiction, consider submitting to them. To learn more please visit their website here.