Cactus Moon Publications: Accepting Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Cactus Moon is interested in novels and non-fiction titles with a unique perspective; books that spark curiosity, and stimulate the imagination. While we understand the challenges of being an “indie,” we recognize the freedom it allows to take chances on new talent and to work closely with authors to create unforgettable books.

Cactus Moon is a small independent publisher. They have been around for a few years now. They have recently hired fresh blood, so some of the early complaints in regards to wording on their website has been resolved. The editorial staff seems knowledgeable and approachable.  They are new though, and are still becoming more experienced, so do take that into consideration when submitting.

They publish eBook and print editions. The print editions they publish are through various print on demand services. They do not have an established distributor (they use a combination of a local printer, CreateSpace, and Ingram). This is important to note because they will not be available in most bookstores.

They have three imprints listed in more detail below:

Kal-Ba Publishing accepts all non-fiction titles falling under the spiritual, paranormal (to include the occult), and self-help. We will accept titles under specific genres such as: Christian, Jewish, Islam, Pagan, and other paths of faith. We will NOT accept any title whose content seeks to divide and/or alienate readers on another path.

Saturn’s Moon Press is our YA and Children’s press. Preference is given to books with illustrations included and may mean a higher royalty. We do provide illustrators for our titles so it is NOT a requirement for acceptance.

Cactus Moon Publications accepts non-fiction titles under the political, historical, and mainstream health and wellness genres. Fiction titles include crime, detective, and general romance, paranormal, horror, mysteries, and thrillers. Romance and mild erotica is acceptable under these genres. We have no limit on fear and excitement!  We do not accept politically inflammatory titles or submissions without proper reference to information.

Cactus Moon, like most small publishers, expects help with marketing.

All submissions should be made via email. Expect a response within two months. To learn more about their submission guidelines visit their website here.