Brash Books: Crime Publisher Now Accepting Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Brash Books is a company that specializes in publishing crime novels. Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman, both best-selling, Edgar nominated authors, started the company. The books they publish have electronic and print editions.

Brash Books publishes psychological thrillers, murder mysteries, international espionage, and police procedurals. The website has a cocky, over-confident tone, and it focuses on selling books and promoting authors rather than finding new authors. That is always a good sign. Even if the cocky tone gets on my nerves, it is what should expect if the name of the company is Brash Books.

They are open to submissions of crime manuscripts. When you are submitting please include two chapters of your manuscript (double-spaced it cannot exceed 25 pages in length), as well as a synopsis (double-spaced and less than two pages). Include a cover letter and submit this work by email to They accept electronic submissions of Microsoft Word documents or PDF documents only.

They only contact authors if they are interested in reading the full manuscript. This means that you should not expect to hear from them in case of a rejection. Just if your work is accepted. Although, you can always query after six months.

They are also open to publishing previously published books that have fallen out of print. As long as all the rights belong to the author. Submitting a previously published book or series is a little different. They want you to send the titles of your books and share  some of the reviews and author blurbs the books have received and awards they have won or been nominated for.

To learn more about Brash Books visit their website here.