Boyds Mill Press: Now Accepting Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Boyds Mill Press is owned by Highlights for Children. They are an award winning publisher of children’s books.

The best way to get a feeling for what they publish is by reviewing their catalog. If you are considering submitting a picture book review the picture books. If you are considering submitting a book of poetry, review their poetry selection. Their catalog is organized by category. I would also encourage you to check a book or two of theirs out from your local library.

Their books have wonderful covers. Most of the books they sell are sold to classrooms or libraries, and there is a section of their website designated for teachers and librarians.

They accept unsolicited submission and respond to each in the order that they received them. If they are not interested in your work they will send out a form rejection letter. They do try to respond within three months, so if your submission has not been responded to after three months, you can query about the status of your submission.

They have a number of imprints. When you submit to them your work will be considered for all of their imprints too.

They publish picture books, collections of poetry, middle grade fiction, and non fiction. All submissions must be made through the post. They do not accept email submissions. Include a self addressed and stamped envelope with all submissions.

For picture books and books of poetry they will only consider full manuscript submissions. Only submit the first three chapters for middle grade fiction.

To learn more visit their submission guidelines here.


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