Bottlecap Press: Now Seeking Submissions

Written by Ella Peary

Founded in 2014 in Skagway, Alaska, Bottlecap Press publishes poetry and fiction that explores our alarming humanity with unflinching honesty and artistry. They seek visionary literature, work that is both surprising and deeply meaningful. And, they continually strive to explore the unlimited possibilities of literary multimedia through their online content.

Bottlecap is dedicated to promoting fair pay for authors and advocating for authors’ rights. To get a sense of what they publish, you can read Bottlecap Blog online, as well as excerpts of their printed books available in their online store.

Bottlecap publishes new content frequently online on Bottlecap Blog, and they also publish chapbooks and full-length books, handcrafted on demand. Right now, they are seeking poetry and fiction for their blog, as well as full-length manuscripts for print publication. They accept submissions on a rolling basis.

Authors published on Bottlecap Blog will receive royalty payments via an online tip jar. Readers of Bottlecap Blog can choose to contribute to the tip jar, and authors published on the blog then receive half of the money. The other half is used to maintain Bottlecap.

Poets may submit up to three poems for publication on Bottlecap Blog. Fiction writers may submit short stories up to 1,000 words. Or, authors may submit a combination of poetry and fiction within these guidelines. Bottlecap Blog also seeks multimedia literary submissions, including, but not limited to: comics, films, and works of visual art. They accept for consideration anything that could be called literary. Authors may also submit complete full-length manuscripts of poetry and fiction for publication by Bottlecap Press. Manuscripts must be at least 26 pages, and partial manuscripts will not be read. Bottlecap Press mostly publishes chapbooks; however, they occasionally publish longer works such as novellas.

Bottlecap accepts submissions via email, not online or by post. They do not accept previously published work for Bottlecap Blog. Manuscript submissions may contain some previously published work with acknowledgements, but should be composed primarily of unpublished material.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Bottlecap, please visit their website at