Blushing Books: Accepting Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Blushing Books started out as a romance print publisher in the 90’s. It has since shifted entirely into the eBook market. Books are released to all major distributors, including the Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, Apple, All Romance Ebooks, and Smashwords.

They have a newsletter with over 15,00 subscribers, so they are focused on selling books and not just on recruiting authors. It is easy to find their submission guidelines on their website, but it is much easier to find a book to buy, which is a good sign. I noticed a number of typos on the website. Also, the organization of the site was confusing and the information it provided was occasionally contradictory.

The cover quality varies, but seems pretty typical in terms of romance books.

Endings must be happily ever after or happy for now. They are more interested in Erotic Romance than Erotica.

They are open about their royalty rates. They offer a 50% royalty rate that increases to 60% for authors who write for them exclusively. They offer advances on well-written novels longer than 40K words, with a strong romantic story line.

They are open to previously self published books under certain circumstances: “We are no longer accepting or interested in looking at books that have been self-published or released with another publisher in the last 12 months unless you are offering us additional titles, or it’s part of a series, and you are offering us additional books in the series.”

They try to respond to all submissions within two weeks. They try to publish all titles within three months. Do not simultaneously submit to them.

To learn more visit their extensive submission guidelines here.  To get a better feeling for their website go to the main page here.