Blue Marlin Publications: Accepting Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Blue Marlin Publications is a small publisher of children’s books based out of West Bay Shore in New York State. The editorial team has published some of their own books but they seem to focus now on primarily publishing the works of others. But this is a very small press, so do keep that in mind.

According to their About us page, Blue Marlin is primarily operated by one person, Francine Poppo Rich–whose books are also published by them, even though three people are listed on the masthead. They have been around since 1990, but their bookstore only has about 20 books; they seem to be focused on releasing books more regularly now, though.

All of their books have an educational element. They do not appear to have distribution, and their books do not seem to be available in bookstores or libraries. Keep these things in mind if you decide to submit.

One thing I liked about them is that all of their books have blurbs that match the educational interest of the book. The covers for their older titles are very hit-and-miss for me (leaning more towards miss), but the recent ones appear better.

It takes 3-9 months for them to respond to most submissions. They are currently accepting submissions of children’s picture books and middle-grade historical fiction novels.

They do not accept submissions of picture books about dogs or cats. Nor do they publish stories that employ anthropomorphism, or stories written in verse, or those with holiday themes.

All submissions must be made via the mail. To learn more, visit their complete submission guidelines here.


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