Beacon Publishing: Now Accepting Book Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone

Beacon Publishing is a Christian publisher. According to their website, they “look for books with a concise, compelling, transformative message designed to inspire individuals to grow and improve in every dimension of their lives: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.” They publish primarily non-fiction for adults as well as fiction for adults and children.

It is important to note that there are several other publishers out there with variations on the Beacon name that have a different approach to publishing. It is important not to confuse them.

Pope Francis is among the authors they have previously published. They do seem to lean towards Catholicism based on their back list, but nothing is said about that in their submission guidelines.

They do appear to sell books, as many of them have a number of reviews on Amazon. I couldn’t find out anything about their distribution, and information about the company in general was hard to find. The ‘about us’ tab on their website promised to contain information in the future.

I find their website, particularly their catalog, a little hard to navigate, but the focus is clearly on selling books and not recruiting new authors, which is always a good sign. They don’t have a very large number of previously published books, but the way the catalog is organized makes that hard to pin down as the same books show up over and over again in different categories.

Their review process takes several months and they ask you not to query during that time. They will respond to all submissions, and not just to manuscript submissions that they are interested in publishing.

They are currently only open to non-fiction manuscript proposals.

All submissions require that you fill out their book proposal form.

To learn more, visit their submission guidelines here.