Back Hall Press

Written by Emily Harstone

Updated September 2016

Believed to be Defunct – Do Not Submit

A digital first publisher that wants to carve out a new and inclusive space on the progressive edge of genre fiction. They are eager to highlight new and unpublished writers, writers of color, women/non-binary writers, GLBTQ writers, niche genres and innovative styles. Back Hall Press is seeking manuscripts in a wide range of genres including sci-fi, slipstream, mystery, horror, and all subcategories of romance.

They do not publish young adult books but they publish new adult books, featuring characters ranging in age from 18 to mid-20s. These books should contain lots of drama. Intensity is key: love triangles, dystopian settings, and major angst work well in this genre.

They are open to all subgenres of romance including M/M, historical, GLBTQ, multiples, historical, contemporary, and more. Erotic romance and explicit scenes are welcome in the context of a well-developed story.

Back Hall is open to all subgenres of science fiction particularly speculative, dystopian, apocalyptic, and dark fantasy stories. They are seeking mystery, horror and slipstream manuscripts featuring well-developed characters and new twists on old tropes. Magical realism and genre-bending concepts are welcome. They are particularly interested in working with fanfiction writers.

They are small and new at this point. Currently they have only published four books by two authors. However they have editors, designers, and marketing. They also have distribution and established channels for print, if your book is chosen to be published in print as well as digital. However, there is very little information about the editor’s experience on the website and the website is more aimed at writers and readers, so take that into consideration and proceed with caution.

They have clear and detailed submission guidelines on their website here.