All Things That Matter Press: Seeking Book Manuscripts

Written by Emily Harstone

All Things That Matter Press is a small publishing company that prints their books on demand. They pay their authors royalties.

They primarily publish self help books, books that focus on personal or societal growth, or novels that have a similar message.  They are pretty much open to diverse genres, and have published poetry, science fiction, young adult, non-fiction, and even romance.

They focus on publishing first time authors. They do not accept books with an overtly religious message or ones that include violence or eroticism.

All Things That Matter Press is looking for manuscripts that grab and maintain their attention. Manuscripts should also have a good sense of flow and be well edited in terms of punctuation and grammar.

It is really important to follow their submissions guidelines, so double and triple check the guidelines on their website before submitting. They are also not interested in overly long manuscript synopsis.

Make sure that you read the guidelines yourself but remember that they only accept email submissions. Your manuscript must be completed, although they only want you to submit the first three chapters of your manuscript as an attachment.

Even though All Things That Matter Press takes on the burden of publishing costs and managing some basic marketing, they want to know when you submit that you are committed to putting in effort to market your book. That is typical of most publishing houses these days.

Their website tone is a little overbearing, but they also include a lot of helpful tips and walk you through the steps your book will go through before being published.

You can visit their website and learn more about them.