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Our Guiding Principles

No Submission Fees

Writers should be supported –– not charged money for the chance to get published.

Open to Everyone

We only feature publishers that are open to all writers from around the world.

Only Legitimate Publishers

We research and verify all of the publishers we list.


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Three Rooms Press: Open to Submissions

An indie publisher with good distribution. Seeking novels and memoir. No agent required.

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Lines + Stars: Now Seeking Submissions

Seeking poetry and fiction from emerging and established authors.

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Writing Partnerships: When Two Heads are Better Than One

How an unexpected encounter change one writer's life.

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25 Magazines Seeking Book Reviews

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Clash Books: Now Open to Manuscript Submissions

A small publisher of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

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Mythridate Magazine: Now Seeking Submissions

A brand new print journal, now seeking poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art.

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How to Know If You Are Really a Writer

(From the archives) The ultimate defining factor for every writer.

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