180 Literary Journals for Creative Writers

About this book: If you’ve ever wondered where to publish a short story, poem, creative essay, or play, this book is for you. It presents a curated selection of journals that publish literary art.

This book is a companion of sorts to Submit Publish Repeat. That book really focuses on the whys and hows of submitting. This book, 180 Literary Journals for Creative Writers, is focused on the where. It contains almost two hundred different literary journals that are interested in publishing work.

Included are curated lists, such as 40 literary journals that publish genre writing, 15 journals with fast response times, and even a list of journals that have high acceptance rates.

This book is an extension of the work we do every week at Authors Publish Magazine.

I really hope seeing the range and variety of literary journals covered by this book will encourage you to increase the amount of submissions you make.

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One Hundred and Eighty Literary Journals for Creative Writers (FREE)

One Hundred and Eighty Literary Journals for Creative Writers (KINDLE / $2.99)



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