13 Publishers Open to Previously Self-Published Books and Reprints

Written by Emily Harstone

Most publishers do not accept previously traditionally published books or previously self-published books, unless they are hugely successful. All the publishers linked to in this article do. They are all open to previously self-published books and previously reprinted books.

This is a very helpful list if you have previously self-published your book, but feel like you could be selling more copies with a traditional publisher. It is also great if you traditionally published a book, but that book is now out of print

It is important to note that you cannot submit to these publishers unless all of the rights of the book currently belong to you.

Some of the publishers on this list are only open to republishing previously traditionally published books and I make that clear in the review by writing “They only accept traditional reprints.” Please do not submit previously self published work to these publishers. They will not publish it.

The name of each publisher contains a link to our full review. Note that not all publishers are currently open to submissions.

Brash Books

A publisher of crime fiction. They only accept traditional reprints.

Bold Strokes

Bold Strokes Books publishes only LGBTQ books. Which means that its books feature characters that are Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans, and Queer. They publish general and genre fiction. They offer advances to their authors. They only accept traditional reprints with proof that the author owns all the rights now.

Beachwalk Press

Beachwalk Press is an independent publisher that was started in 2011 by Pamela Tyner. They largely publish romantic eBooks, but some of their books have been released in print as well. Most of the books they publish are on the sensual side. As long as you hold all the rights they are open to any kind of reprint.

Boroughs Publishing Group

Boroughs Publishing Group is an e-publisher that focuses on publishing romance novels, novellas, and short stories. They are open to republishing backlisted books as long as you hold all the rights and you query first.

Cohesion Press

Most of the work they publish could fall into the horror, crime noir, or military genres. They are open to reprints, if you query.

Endeavor Press

An eBook publisher of Crime Fiction and Thrillers, History and Historical Fiction, Romance and popular Women’s Fiction (aka chick lit). They like publishing reprints as long as they have not been previously published electronically.

Hard Case Crime

They publish hard boiled mysteries and are open to traditional reprints.


A fantasy, science fiction, and horror digital first imprint from Random House. They are open to any submissions of previously published manuscript (self or otherwise) as long as you control exclusive copyright.

Loose ID

This romance ePublisher is open to previously self published or traditionally published works.

Omnific Publishing

This newer publisher primarily focuses on romance, but they publish other genres as well. They are open to reprints of any kind.

Siren Bookstrand

This romance publisher is open to traditional reprints and self published reprints. However, to publish a reprint with them, you need to publish an unpublished book with them first.


An eBook publisher open to a wide variety of genres. They consider work that has been previously published or self published but NOT if it is currently up for sale at the time the book is submitted to them.

Speaking Volumes

Speaking Volumes is an independent publisher based out of Naples, Florida. They started out just publishing Audio books, but now they also publish eBooks and paperbacks. They are open to publishing work that has been previously published as long as all the rights have reverted back to the author.