Gibbs Smith: Now Accepting Book Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone | October 4, 2017

Updated October 28, 2017

Gibbs Smith is an established publisher with good distribution and a focus on cook books, interior design and architecture books, and board books for children. They have published a number of bestsellers, including a board book version of Pride & Prejudice. Gibbs Smith is primarily a non-fiction publisher which is just now entering the fiction market for adults and middle readers.

For small children they publish activity books, picture books, and board books. They have already had a fair amount of success in this genre. They are currently accepting submissions in a genre which is new to them, historical fiction for adults and middle grade readers.

They were actively seeking historical fiction stories set at least 40 years in the past, when we first reviewed them, but have since closed to all fiction not aimed at small children. The information that was previously on their site about launching a historical fiction series in 2018 was also removed.

They accept all submissions via email, and do not accept any mailed submissions. They have different email addresses for different categories of submissions and have specific requirements for each one, so please read carefully about the category you are considering submitting to. Some categories require full manuscripts, others partial.

They do not respond to submissions they are not interested in. If you have not heard from them in 12 weeks, it is safe to assume they are not interested in your manuscript.

To learn more, please visit their submission guidelines here.