June 13, 2013

Author’s Inspiration: Remember This Moment

As an author it is good to keep in mind that what you are creating is something special, something unique. A book can  takes something that you feel is important and make it clear to others.  A short story that can entertain someone during their darkest hour. A poem can show the importance of a…

May 9, 2013

Switchback: Now Open for Submissions

Switchback is a journal published by the MFA (Master of Fine Arts) program at the University of San Fransisco that has just re-opened to submissions. They accept short works of fiction, non fiction as well as poetry.  They are an online journal that also has an e-book edition. Switchback is well respected, and has a…

May 1, 2013

Publishing Guide: What to Consider Before Self-Publishing an Ebook

Many authors self publish these days, that way they can avoid the hassle of dealing with editors, and slow moving corporations. Even some established  authors have switched to self publishing because they have more control over their book and even their profits. However self publishing is far from straight forward. This article is not intended…

April 23, 2013

Review of Fiction365

Fiction365 is an online journal that publishes flash fiction and short stories. They publish one story for every day of the year. They also pay a small amount for every story they publish. Which is very unusual for an online journal. The stories they publish vary in length from around 100 words up to 4000….

April 5, 2013

Letter From The Editor

Welcome to the first issue of Authors Publish Magazine. We’re a small magazine, but with big ambitions. Our primary ambition is to help you, our readers, get published. That’s why we send you reviews of publications accepting submissions, and articles that help you build your career. We also provide you with a little bit of…

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