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June 25, 2017

25 Publishers Seeking Young Adult Manuscripts

Young adult is one of my favorite genres to read, even though when I was a young adult struggled finding good YA books. These days the young adult genre is profitable, diverse, and covers a wide variety of genres, from science fiction to romance and everything in between. A lot of young adult publishers are…

June 19, 2017

30 Writing Competitions and Submission Calls for Poets

This list is divided into two: submission calls and competitions for poets, including fellowships and one essay contest; prizes range from $250 to AU$10,000. They are listed according to deadline. The calls are for various topics, styles, as well as geographical and age demographics of poets. Special submission calls include those confronting shaming, LGBTQ themes,…

June 12, 2017

Seven Publishers That Accept Memoir Submissions (No Agent Required)

Memoir publishers that don’t require an agent to submit are few and far between. However, there are still options out there.  Some are old and respected, others are new and still figuring things out. Not all the publishers on this list are currently open to submissions, but most are. City Lights Books City Lights Books…

June 5, 2017

22 Calls for Themed Submissions (Short Stories, Poetry, and Essays)

This is a list of themed submission calls for a variety of topics, genres and audiences – fiction, poetry, non-fiction, interviews and reviews. Topics include compassion for the natural world, romance, colonizing other worlds, reconciliation and decolonization, stories about ruins and chefs, post-apocalyptic horror, themed stories for children, work by and about underrepresented communities, and…

May 22, 2017

20 Literary Journals for New Writers

These literary magazines publish work by new and upcoming writers. Some publish work along with established writers, including Pulitzer Prize winners, and are placed in award anthologies and nominated for various prizes. Although these magazines publish work by new writers, some may be extremely competitive to get into, as they also publish work by established and…

May 7, 2017

Eleven Ways to Boost Your Creativity

If you have writer’s block, this list should be extremely helpful. If you don’t have writer’s block, this list should be extremely helpful. If you don’t believe in writer’s block this list should be extremely helpful. I am a big believer in this quote by Pablo Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you…

May 1, 2017

Ten Respected Publishers That Accept Unsolicited Submissions

All of the publishers on this list have published books that won or were nominated by industry members for awards. All of these publishers have good distribution. I personally own or have read at least one book by all of the publishers on this list. All of these publishers are open to unsolicited submissions ––…

April 24, 2017

Eleven Publishers of Literary Fiction Manuscripts

Literary fiction is one of the harder genres to get published in without an agent. There are smaller presses that specialize in it, but unfortunately more and more of those presses are now charging reading fees. However, there are still good options of authors who are unagented and are averse to paying reading fees. The…

April 17, 2017

How To Evaluate A Publisher for Your Book

When you’re finally ready to submit your book for publication, it can be overwhelming. There are so many publishers out there. There is so much information about some of them and so little about others. How can you check the legitimacy of a publisher if you don’t know much about the industry? Even if a…

April 10, 2017

32 Themed Calls for Submissions

This is a list of anthologies, journals and magazines with themed issues, including anthropomorphic societies facing dystopia, homelessness, Canada in the future, edges of darkness, world myths, aliens, subterranean worlds, summer flings, and healing. None charge a reading fee. Many pay writers; some pay a token amount and some pay up to several hundred dollars….

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