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June 27, 2017

FINDING SPACE: Writing When Life is Chaotic

By Julie Guirgis It was 3:00 A.M when I woke up to my dad calling out from his room down the hall. Half asleep, I laid in bed, hoping he would fall back asleep, but his yelling got louder. Rubbing my stinging eyes, I forced myself out of bed. ‘I’m hungry. I need food,’ he…

June 22, 2017

Ten Famous Authors Whose Work Was Initially Rejected

One of the ways I comfort myself when I face yet another rejection letter is to think about the “loads” of rejection letters J.K. Rowling received while she was attempting to publish Harry Potter. I also think of the five years Agatha Christie spent trying to get her first novel published.  I have not spent…

June 15, 2017

The Current State of Self Publishing

When self-publishing first exploded around 2010/11, many authors viewed it as an exciting opportunity to sell books without the need for an agent or publisher. There was, however, a degree of snobbery directed at those who chose to self-publish. An assumption that their work was lacking because it had not been accepted by traditional publishers….

June 12, 2017

How to Connect with Readers Through Instagram

 By Aria Gmitter If you’re like most writers, the idea of self-promotion is a loathsome task. You are a creative person and marketing feels like a sales gig. Perhaps writers stick to platforms like Facebook and Twitter because it’s so much easier to post about your life and throw in a bit about business. But…

June 8, 2017

Writing Original Fiction: Avoiding Clichés, Tropes, and Stereotypes

Writers are constantly pressured to create fresh new stories for an ever demanding and critical market. Almost every theme, plot or storyline has been used and it is next to impossible to find one that’s waiting to be written into a best-selling book. Avoiding clichés, overused tropes, and exhausted stereotypes can be difficult but it…

June 1, 2017

It’s Okay to Be Selfish with Your Writing

By Adrienne Reiter Anthony Bourdain claims his best writing is done first thing in the morning half asleep over coffee. Truman Capote claimed to write best hungover when half his brain was out of the way. Writing isn’t just about creation. It’s equally about destruction. As writers, we dismantle our original ideas and fabrications to…

May 18, 2017

Three Different Types of Edits Writers Should Be Aware Of

Self-publishing has never been easier for a writer. Today, becoming a published writer is as easy as a simple click. Writers, however, must never forget that books are products that readers pay for – and a paying market demands a high quality, value-for-money product. Before self-publishing or querying a book, writers should ensure that their…

May 10, 2017

Online Writing Contests: Approach with Caution

Writing contests have grown in popularity over the last few years. The huge leaps in the development and accessibility of social media technology means that it is now easier than ever to enter writing contests. While writing contests offer writers the opportunity to catch the eye of a literary agent or publisher, they also have…

April 27, 2017

7 Reasons Book Reviews Are Key to Self Publishing Success

Recently, I’ve started contacting professional book bloggers and reviewers who might be interested in reading my books. This is a fairly new tactic for me. There are people out there, who love reading books so much, they set up blogs and invite authors to send them books to read and review. And there are millions…

The Keys to Being a Successful Full Time Writer

“No one can make a living as a writer.” “Don’t give up your day job.” “But what do you really do?” I think everyone who has broached the subject of writing a book has heard those oft-repeated and well-worn phrases. Interestingly, they are usually offered up by people outside of the writing profession – well-meaning…

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