Issue One Hundred Forty Seven

A Busy Mother’s Guide to Establishing a Writing Life

Written by Jean Knight Pace As a mother of four young children and a writer, the question I most often get is, “How do you find time to write?” Usually I answer that I stay up too late. That is true. But there are a few other (healthier) habits I’ve found helpful as a mother-writer….

1001 Journal: Now Accepting Submissions

1001 Journal is an annual print project produced by the students in the Certificate Program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, Oregon. This handsomely designed, handmade journal houses poetry, prose, and comics. At 1001 Journal, they are especially interested in work that employs both words and images and hybrid work that breaks the…

Red Moon Romance: Manuscript Submission Guidelines

A boutique publisher, Red Moon, usually publishes about 16 to 20 new titles per year. They are an imprint of World Weaver Press but explicitly state on their website that they are not owned by any major corporations. Their main aim is to bridge the gap between self publishing and traditional publishing. With that in…