Barricade Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone | December 11, 2014

Barricade Books is an independent print publisher of non-fiction manuscripts.¬† They are based out of New Jersey. They state explicitly on their site that they prefer books with a controversial element. Although that is not always the case, two of the recent books they published were Conversations with A Pedophile and I’ll Do My Own Damn Killin’. However they also published a number of books about the history of America and memoirs by holocaust survivors.

Their focus seems to be on non-fiction books that focus on crime and specific portions of history. However their back list is eclectic and many of the books they have published do not easily fall into any particular category. You should review their back list before submitting.

Authors that are considering submitting should know right away that they call themselves a publicity-driven publisher and only accept books with authors committed to promoting their tittles.

That doesn’t mean that the company does not provide any help with publicity, but it does make it clear that they expect their writers to do a lot of the work. In pact they explicitly state that¬† “We look for authors who can talk, articulately, about their books on radio, television, and to the press.”

If you are not comfortable with promoting or with public speaking, they are probably not the right fit for you. It is not for everyone. Although it does seem pretty clear from the titles they have previously published that some of their authors are expected to pull more weight than others, as some books veer into personal territory and others focus more on researched events.

For example they published The Mob Doctor, by Ron Felber, which was turned into a TV show by Fox. A memoir like that relies a lot more on its author than Battle of the Two Talmuds: Judaisms Struggle with Power, Glory, and Guilt. Which is more about research and interpretation.

One of the warning signs on the site for me, is that they seem a little technologically behind. Their recent book list is just a list of all the books they have published, and not just recent ones. They make a reference on their website to the fact that no one should submit by disk. They also do not seem to publish e-book versions of their books. In fact they appear to publish exclusively hardback editions. I do think these are considerations that you have to keep in mind while submitting.

Barricade books only accept submissions via the mail. If you are submitting to them, make sure to send an outline, one or two chapters and self-addressed stamped envelope. Make it clear in the letter itself if you want the material returned.

To learn more, visit their website here. To read their submission guidelines go here.